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After nearly 10 years of employment, in various legal fields and the acquisition of extensive professional knowledge and experience, the NEIZER Law Firm was founded in 2019 by the attorneys Viktória Vajna, Dr. and Norbert Neizer, Dr.

The founders firmly believe that in addition to up-to-date professional knowledge, effective work, customer focus and flexibility as guiding principles play the key role in the efficient operation of a law firm in the 21st century. The time for making business decisions has become significantly shorter due to the ever-increasing speed of information exchange and to the electronic management of court and administrative proceedings. We have to react quickly, effectively and correctly to developments in our immediate business environment as well as developments in the economy and even developments in the political arena. This requires above all flexibility and timeliness.  

Based on this homepage, I hope that you liked the presentation of the office and that I will soon be able to proudly welcome you among our clients or cooperating partners. If you have any further questions about the office's areas of expertise or the specific services to be provided within them, I can send you more detailed information, please indicate your request for this in your reply.

Kind regards

Norbert Neizer, Dr.
principal attorney

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Staff member

The office currently employs several attorneys and 2 colleagues who perform administrative work in a significant way. In addition, we have a working relationship with several partner law firms, who are experienced in areas of law that we do not cover and an independent accredited public procurement consultant, as well as several accountants, tax consultants and auditors.

The sub-office is located in the downtown area of Budapest, near the courts, but its services are also provided outside the office according to the relevant regulations, nationwide, and since May 2023, beyond the country borders in cooperation with 21 other European law firms of the TEN - The European Network of Law Firms.

Dr. Norbert Neizer

Dr. Norbert Neizer is managing partner at the NEIZER Law Firm and registered at the Budapest Bar Association. He graduated in 2010 from the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs, where after graduation he became a PhD candidate at the Doctoral School, studying civil procedural law.
He was employed by different law firms as a junior associate and became a partner at Dr. Horváth Z Péter's Law Firm in 2014.

He worked as an independent advocate from March 2018 and later founded the NEIZER Law Firm where he has been working since May 2019.

His expert areas are the law of contracts, labour law, corporate law, public administration law and legal regulation affecting public pharmacies, private international law and the law of the European Union.

He works in Hungarian, German and English.

Dr. Viktória Vajna Dr. Neizerné

Dr. Viktória Vajna Dr. Neizerné is founding partner at the NEIZER Law Firm and is registered at the Budapest Bar Association. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Debrecen in 2013. She started her legal practice as a junior associate at Pankotai Law Firm. In 2014, she joined the Dr. Horváth Z. Péter Law Firm, as junior associate, where her expert areas were corporate law, labour law and business transaction related cases.

From February, 2016 she worked with the Hungarian Public Administration and Organizational Development Research Foundation, as legal officer and later as delegated director. She joined the Ministry of Innovation in 2017, where she was primarily dealing with water and waste management.

She became advocate in 2018 and from March 2019 she has been acting as a founding partner at the NEIZER Law Firm.

She works in Hungarian, English and Spanish.

Brigitta Bódogh

Brigitta Bódogh graduated from the Justice Administration program at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Since September 2021, she has continued her studies in the integrated law program at Pázmány Péter Catholic University's Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. She has been working as the office manager of NEIZER Law Firm since June 2021.




Zoltánné Neizer

Zoltánné Neizer has been an employee of the NEIZER Law Firm since November 1, 2021. She works as a general office administrator. She holds a German language teaching degree and a C1 level German language exam. In addition to administrative work, her main task, due to her language skills, is translating the office's documents and letters into German.


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Areas of expertise

Our chief objective is to provide legal advocacy and representation in Hungarian, German and English for our clients in the fields of civil law, business and commercial law and as part of one of these, corporate law including mergers and acquisitions, law of contracts, property law, family law, marital property law, inheritance law and labor law, consumer protection law, public law and taxation.

In addition, our law firm has deep expertise concerning the regulation of public pharmacies, security services, the operation of state or municipal owned corporations, furthermore on cases falling under the national economic priority, and on commercial e-services. We can provide our clients with complex and reliable service in these issues in out-of-court settlements, in out-of-court proceedings, in lawsuits and administrative procedures, but we also have experience in preliminary ruling procedures before the Court of Justice of the European Union, in complaint proceedings before the Hungarian Constitutional Court and in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.

Our colleagues are not unfamiliar with the procedures of other alternative dispute resolution forums, in particular in litigation in front of the Arbitration Court operating beside the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in procedures in front of the Certification of Compliance Expert, that is also operate beside the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as in front of the Financial Conciliation Board, and in domain registration decision-making procedures.

The law firm works through all of the legal issues to reach complex solutions to cases. Beside finding legal solutions based on Hungarian and European Union statute law we are also assessing relevant case law and considering economic, human and other practical aspects. Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ requests quickly, effectively and at the most reasonable cost.

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TEN - The European Network of Law Firms

We proudly draw your attention to the fact that our office, as a member of the TEN – The European Network of Law Firms in Hungary, participates in this unique cross-border collaboration.

The primary objective of the continuously growing European network is to be present in every member state of the European Union in the coming years, thereby enabling the association's member firms to provide the highest level of legal services to their individual, corporate, and institutional clients, as well as to gain insight into the legal systems of the individual member states through the legal comparative analyses developed by the TEN.

Please click on the logo below to view the direct contact information of the TEN member law firms. Whether you are planning or currently engaged in cross-border business activities, we are pleased to assist you both in establishing connections and in resolving your international private law matters:

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Our office primarily welcomes clients in Budapest on weekdays by prior arrangement. In exceptional and urgent cases, our office is available outside of business hours, including weekends, throughout the country. If you need legal advice or legal assistance, feel free to turn to us!

Address: 1024 Budapest, Margit Körút 31-33. félemelet 1.
Phone: +36 1 796 5228


We would like to inform you that the following parking options are available near the office:

1024 Mechwart Square Széllkapu Parking
Garage: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus utca 2.

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